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Belysa EC . Pasir Ris Executive Condo . By NTUC CHOICE HOMES & CEL DEVELOPMENT
Launched for sale end-May 2011. FULLY SOLD as of 29 June 2011.

Belysa EC

Pasir Ris EC by NTUC ChoiceHomes & CEL Development . Artist’s Impression

Belysa EC is an upcoming executive condo that is located at the junction of Pasir Ris Drive 1 and Elias Road, with Sungei Api Api flowing on its third side. It sits in a condominium belt, sandwiched between NV Residences and Livia on one side, and Ris Grandeur on another.

This Pasir Ris EC is well connected – just a 3 minute drive from Tampines expressway exit, or a 5 minute ride from Pasir Ris Central & MRT station, and from there it’s 30 minutes by train to the CBD.

Pasir Ris itself is a mature estate with a complete transport network and comprehensive amenities like shopping malls, schools, etc.

Belysa EC will also enjoy the perks of a waterfront town – Pasir Ris beach and parks and leisure activities are close by.

Reasons to buy Belysa Exec Condo:

. Good investment value – get a new condo at below condo pricing.

. 1st time buyers eligible for $30,000 CPF housing grant. No resale levy on 2nd timers.

. Near Changi & Tampines Business Parks & Changi Airport. Buyer / tenant pool after 5 year MOP.

. 15 minutes walk from White Sands Shopping Mall & Pasir Ris MRT & bus interchange.

. 10 minutes to Changi Airport & 5 minutes to Tampines Retail Park – Giant, Ikea, Courts.

. Close to Pasir Ris Park & beach – enjoy picnics, cycling, jogging, waterfront activities.

. 1st EC to achieve Green Mark Platinum Award. Saves energy, water. Environmentally friendly.


Belysa EC :: Booking & Sales

Belysa EC launched for sale 25th May 2011. 100% sold as of 29 June 2011.



With Belysa fully sold out, what are the alternative executive condominiums you can look at? Well, in the Punggol area itself, there is Piermont Grand. But that is not near to an MRT station.

So if you want an EC that is within 10 minutes walk to an MRT station, the only one available in the latest batch (and even in the next two years) is the Parc Canberra EC in Sembawang. It is opposite the road from two other very successful previous EC launches, namely the Brownstone and Visionaire ECs. These have sold out for some time, and have also completed their respective constructions.

This latest Parc Canberra executive condominium launch is around 6 minutes walk from Canberra MRT station, a new station that recently opened at the end of 2019. The station was inserted into the North-South MRT line in between Sembawang and Yishun stations, to serve the rapidly developing Sembawang estate in this area.

Parc Canberra launched for sale in early 2020, and enjoyed quite a good response. The Parc Canberra showflat is not at the actual site, but on a plot of state land close to Sembawang MRT station and Sun Plaza. Viewings can be arranged by appointment.



The Tenet EC launch is the latest upcoming executive condominium in the east of Singapore, not too far from Belysa actually.

Like Belysa, the Tenet EC launch is built on 99 year leasehold land. It is also close to the Tampines Expressway (TPE), but on the other side of the highway.

However the Tenet EC launch will be by Qingjian Realty, in partnership with Santarli Realty. Also, when Belysa was launched, there were more choices of ECs to be had. Now, for the Tenet EC, it will be the only EC launch in the east of Singapore.

The last one, Parc Central in Tampines too, sold out within almost a year of its launch in early 2022. Since then, there has been a dearth of EC launches in the east and north-east. The Tenet EC will therefore meet some pent-up demand.

If you are interested to book a time slot to view the Tenet showflat, just drop us a line anytime. We will be more than glad to register a viewing for you.

The indicative pricing is not available yet, but analysts are predicting that the Tenet prices could start from around $1,2xx to $1,3xx PSF. This is almost twice what Belysa cost, but bear in mind that it is almost eight years since Belysa launched.

Buying Belysa :: What You Need to Know

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Guide to Buying an Executive Condominium

Who is eligible to buy Belysa EC?

. A Singapore citizen whose partner is a Singapore citizen or PR.
. At least 21 years old.
. With total monthly household income not exceeding $10,000.
. Forming a valid family nucleus as defined by HDB.
. Have NOT bought a flat direct from HDB, or with a grant, more than once.
. None of the applicants or occupiers has owned private property within last 30 months.

For details and full set of conditions, see HDB’s Criteria for Buying an EC.

What do I do if I’m interested?

Contact us and we will email you all the information and advise on the procedure.

Can I buy Copen Grand EC if I currently own another property?

If you currently own private property or an EC:
No, sorry. You need to sell off your private property or EC and wait for 30 months first.

If you own a flat bought direct from HDB or a resale flat bought with a CPF housing grant:
You have to live in your flat for at least 5 years, before you can apply to buy Copen Grand.

If you own a resale HDB flat bought without any housing grant:
Yes, you can apply to buy a unit.

For the last 2 situations above, you are required to sell your flat within 6 months of getting the key to your EC unit. You must fulfill the necessary MOP for selling the flat at that time.

Why should I buy this Pasir Ris EC?

Reasons to buy an EC:
. Eligible first timers can get $30,000 CPF housing grant; no resale levy on 2nd timers.
. Condo lifestyle at attractive pricing about 20% below new private condos.
. With full condo facilities, finishes & fittings.
. Can be sold to Singapore citizens or PRs after 5 years; potential to reap capital gains.
. Fully privatized and can be sold to foreigners or developers after 10 years.

Reasons to consider the Copen Grand:
. Good site layout: all units face the pool or the low-rise housing & park connector behind.
. Good block layout: minimal blockage, good cross-ventilation, away from roads.
. Functional unit design: efficient, minimal space wastage, very usable.

Do I need to pay any commissions or fees or admin charges?

No, not at all. We will give you all the information, help you book your unit directly from the developer, and take care of your paperwork, without charging you anything.

What’s the payment schedule like for Copen Grand EC?

If you currently do NOT already have a housing loan:

  • First 5% cash (via a cheque) at time of booking the unit.
  • Next 15% within 9 weeks of booking the unit. This 15% can be from CPF Housing Grant, or CPF funds, or cash.
  • The remaining 80% can be from CPF funds, bank loan, or cash. This is payable progressively, which means you (or the bank if you take a loan) pays out the money as and when construction work reaches certain stages. If you take a loan, your monthly installments are based on the amount disbursed.

If currently paying off a housing loan:

  • First 5% cash (via a cheque) at time of booking the Copen Grand EC unit.
  • Next 15% within 9 weeks of booking the unit. Of this 5% must be from your own cash, and the remaining 10% can be from CPF Housing Grant (if eligible), or from CPF funds, or from cash.
  • When foundation works complete, another 10% is payable to the developer. This can be from CPF funds, or cash.
  • When reinforced concrete (RC) framework is completed, another 10% is payable to the developer. This can be from CPF funds, or cash.
  • The remaining 60% can be from CPF funds, bank loan, or cash. This is payable progressively, which means that you (or the bank if you take a loan) pays out the money as and when construction work reaches certain stages.

Can I request for a HDB loan instead of taking a bank loan?

HDB does not give loans for Belysa EC. You will need to get a bank loan after booking your unit.

What is a Belysa EC Suite Unit?

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Belysa EC offers both 3 & 4 bedroom Suite units. These are actually Dual Key units, that comprise 2 separate standalone apartments with individual keys, both being accessed from a common foyer.

Here is the floor plan of the Belysa 3 bedroom dual key or suite unit:
Belysa EC Suite Unit

The 4-bedroom version is similar, except that the bigger side would have 3 bedrooms instead of 2 which, added to the studio unit bedroom, makes a total of 4 bedrooms.

You can use the whole unit as one big apartment (with the studio acting as a junior master), or house different generations in the two – grandparents, parents or adult children.

Wonderful for family members to look out for each other or help keep an eye on young children while maintaining independence and privacy. Or rent out one side – great for extra income!

You can see the range of different unit types at Belysa Floor Plans.



Another freehold project will be launching for sale in the District 15 area of Singapore soon, called Amber Sea. Like the Ramford and unlike Belysa EC, it will be a private condominium.

Whilst Belysa is an executive condominium, on 99 year leasehold land in a HDB estate and with restrictions placed upon who can buy them, the Amber Sea condo can be purchased without restrictions. Foreigners can buy them too, but are subject to a higher Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) rate.

Hence this project will be a lot pricier, possibly as much as three times the price of Belysa.

Besides its freehold status, Amber Sea has the advantage of being located in an exclusive private residential estate on the fringe of the city centre. It is barely 15 minutes drive from the downtown area around Raffles Place. It is also opposite East Coast Park and beach.

Better still, high floor units facing south should be able to get panoramic sea views to the horizon, mostly unblocked. The sea breezes here should be quite windy, as there are no high rise buildings between Amber Sea and the beach.

The other advantage that the Amber Sea condo enjoys over Belysa, is its proximity to an MRT station. You would have to wait a bit for the Thomson East Coast Line here to be completed, probably in 2023. But once that happens, the nearest entrance to Tanjong Katong MRT station will be less than 3 minutes walk or 180 metres away.

From this station, it will be one train stop to Parkway Parade at Marine Parade MRT station. You can get practically everything you need there. And of course, if you would rather walk, you can actually get to Parkway Parade in less than 20 minutes. It could make for a pleasant stroll after dinner at the mall there, with a bit of grocery shopping thrown in.

The Amber Sea floor plans are not quite quite ready yet. But it is expected to house around 130 to 140 apartment units, with a height of around 28 floors.

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Amenities around Belysa EC

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Welcome to Belysa EC – the new Pasir Ris EC. By NTUC ChoiceHomes.

Will launch for sale soon in May 2011.

For project facts, see Belysa EC Details.

Snapshot of the shopping centres, recreational facilities, schools & colleges, and infrastructure in the vicinity of Belysa exec condo.

Pasir Ris EC :: Belysa EC Amenities


The Blossoms is the new condominium that will replace the former Riviera Point at River Valley Road. It is being developed by the Macly Group, after they bought over the site from the previous owners in a collective sale.

This is a freehold private condominium, unlike for Belysa which was a 99 year leasehold executive condominium. In addition, the Blossoms condo launch is a prime one in one of the top districts of Singapore, on the fringe of Orchard Road, whereas Belysa is located within the HDB heartlands, in one of the most far flung suburbs of Singapore.

The Blossoms location is also within walking distance of Robertson Quay and the Singapore River. Robertson Quay is dining and entertainment hotspot that is popular both with locals and expats, for its rich ambience and variety of cuisines and artisanal shops.

Pasir Ris EC :: Location Map

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Here’s the site map of Belysa EC.

From this Pasir Ris EC, Pasir Ris MRT station is 15 minutes walk, or 3 bus stops down the road.

To see what the surroundings look like, click Belysa EC location to see a street view.

Belysa EC Location Plan

Belysa EC Location Plan | Pasir Ris EC